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Power is the ability to produce energy and apply energy effectively toward what one wants.  (It is not "force".)

Focus on the highest payoff areas
    __ Do not allow distractions or lower payoff items
    __ Prioritize as to impact and importance, drop other items

Responsibility - Power in life cannot be achieved without this.
     __ I have none of these other things going on
          __ Any victim behaviors (I don't do any of these)
              __ Blaming
              __ Complaining
              __ Reactivity (interrupted with The Pause, always)
              __ Anger (interrupted with The Pause, always)
              __ Explanations and justifications, 
                  __ Repeating, at all, stories of why you are as you are
              __ Dependency
              __ Needing approval 
          __ Not following through 
     __ I have these
          __ Self-sufficiency 
          __ Complete important things, completely!
          __ Integrity - Keep their word and commitments (to others and themselves)

Proactivity viewpoint - They don't wait and are not reactive.  

A firm foundation upon which to stand, which includes      
     __ Sufficient certainty, including
         __ Self-sufficiecy
         __ No doubt on beliefs, stands, and values 
             __ Clearly identified what they truly want 
     __ Know what they have for sure in life (gratitude. appreciation)
         __ Identified and know their baseline 
         __ Established and internalized their Positives Portfolio 
     __ Know who you actually are and aren't 
     __ Set a path to follow (a plan, establishing a solid way to build one's ability and reliable 
             cumulative results)

Direct power in the right direction -
     __ A developed skill of directing attention, energy and focus 
     __ No wasted energy in trying to control others or in low or no control areas.

Skill of clear, right thinking  

Powerful languaging 
     __ No negative conversations, external negative must be strict and at zero.   

Harness, the power of habits by developing them on purpose- Makes things automatic, 
     effortless, and reliable

Be able to be in A High State Of Resourcefulness in life.
    __ Stop all energy leaks - No bad stuff physically and no stress

Powerful responsible people welcome the following.  Those who are not abhor the following.

Accountability - Declaring what is wanted, measuring it, reporting to self and others.   

Checklists For Running Your Life  

Checklist:  How Not To Be Successful - Success, of course, comes from applying power toward getting what you want in life.

Traits Of Successful People  

The Behaviors And Habits Of Successful People    

The obvious here is that anything that you cannot check off as being done by you should be learned.  You would read the linked sections, learn what is needed, and then implement them - for great results in life!

Worth every bit of your time!