Nothing is more impactful.  Nothing is more needed.  From birth onward.

"No system, no results."

                                 The Swami Of Time Management

"For every 1000 men with great ideas, just give me one who can implement!"


Recalibrating is an obvious idea, but what is a great way to implement it effectively.  As for all reasonably complex processes, there needs to be an effective procedure, with a routine to "tickle" action together with a format that makes it concrete.

Without this system, we will tend to languish in "inertia" and will tend to end up someplace largely by passive default (or some degree of it).

Those people we admire, even those people who became the "popular" kids in high school, all of them did the basic process that any champion does:  seeking (looking for) feedback data and rapidly adjusting and installing the new behavior.    This is called Living Life As A Life Champion.


To recalibrate, one has to know one's objectives and measure how well one is doing.

Decide how often to recalibrate
    Small recalibrations (Consider The Improvement Journal, definitely!)
    Midsized recalibrations
    Master recalibrations
Set dates to recalibrate.  Tickle them (all at once on periodic task repeating scheduling software). .
Decide who can contribute to the process.
    Hired coaches tend to stay on the discipline (path)
    Other brainstorming, challenging, thinking creative partners
    One should not, as a human, expect oneself to have sufficient perspective; one must gain
         more of it from others who are outside one's "bubble"
A format
   Use the The Coaching Conversation - Rules, Cautions, Guidelines
         The Coaching Questions - The Route To Increased Effectiveness 
         Format For Coaching - Barbara
         (Add in Darren Hardy's version from his book The Compound Effect.)
    The Life Improvement Chart - With a rating now and a desired one, stating what your
       improvement goals are.  (Word form.)

The Life Improvement Journal - Daily use for observations
Personal development materials for the week, month
Review of wins and losses and what fixes you'll implement.  behaviors, habits, consistency acknowledgments...appreciation (including of self)...gratitudes
    Commitment of habits to implement, replace - bad habits, procedures

Weekly review with a "partner"

My theme for the month, quarter
Where am I producing a low payoff.  low payoff activities to cut out, high payoff activities to replace them do less of, do more of

Who might you use as a model or mentor, find anybody new?

Checklist of areas to look at to see what to change, improve...
The Cycle Of Improvement And Growth - And Assessing One's Progress - What happened when one did not get the specified results?
Yearly - super evaluation, goal setting, review long term consequence, long term numbers...

Questions are also provided and linked to on the page Life Coaching - How To Use Coaching To Create Significant Forward Progress In LIfe - And Greater Wisdom More Quickly
Seminar Group Meeting Checklist - Individual Members - A quasi-coaching format, checklist for individual members.
   A similar one, for the whole group:  Seminar Group Meeting Checklist.
Questions are included in Reflection - Invaluable, Crucial, Central To Thriving
Started Time Management Questions To Ask Myself
Daily questions:  Daily Planning
Questions to ask for Creating A Whole New Person - The First Part: Clarifying Who You Want To Be

The two key questions to ask:

Am I Capable Of Learning And Implementing What Is Needed To Create A great Life? 
Do I Have Enough Time To Create A Great Life?

Purpose and passion questions:

Worth My Time, My Life 

How Far Is Far Enough? 

Planning Contents/Links

My intent on this is to pull together a checklist of questions and what to do in improvement conversations, whether with a partner or with yourself.

Recalibrating is done in

Daily Planning
Montly Planning
Quarterly Planning 
Yearly Planning

Outside Resources

Darren Hardy's  book The Compound Effect  - See how he uses the coaching process, too.

Also excellent planning book (with CDs) by Hardy:  Living Your Best Year Ever.