It is essential that you highly educate yourself in each of the key areas of love, loving, and being loved, including reading at least 3 books on making love.  See


               LOVING ONESELF                                                    COMMUNICATING LOVE

        BEING LOVING, BEING LOVED                                           MAKING LOVE
            (Especially "What Is Love?")


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The Four Levels Of Love - Which level are you at, want to be at, committed to be at...    

Approval - Not being run by it or having it as an objective.
Rejection - You've got to get this straight, or you'll lose your life to it.
Comparison - Deadly for loving oneself.
Compassion - And we need to apply that to ourselves, period!
  Self-Compassion And Letting Go Of The
    Great Burden, and its continuation piece:
           Implementing Self-Compassion And
           Getting All Of Its Benefits - Use for
Operate In The No-Fault, No-Blame, No-Criticism Paradigm - The lynchpin to make love work!
Needs - Knowing your real needs and not confusing yourself; essential knowledge 
Theme days - There are special days to set up for yourself, including "rejuvenation"
How to love myself first
Soothing, nurturing oneself - This is your first job, not others.
Self-Sufficiency:  Giving To Oneself What Is Needed - Keeping your love tank filled


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What Is Love?

What Is Love? And What Isn't Love? Know what love really is, so that you can do it right. 
The Four Levels Of Love - Which level are you at, want to be at, committed to be at...       
The Love We Fantasize About - Is it real?  Should we waste our energy trying to get it? Unrealistic
expectations are killers of relationships! 
Looking For Love "Out There" - We are setting up an impossible standard.  Learn what is really
Loving "Without" Limits - The mature love.
Trusting Another - The lack of appropriate trust has a great relationship cost.  When and who should we trust?  Actual title:  How And When To Trust.
Unconditional Loving - Is It Possible? - The answer is "yes", but only after certain "conditions" are "met".  Create this kind of relationship - it works!


Lovingness - What It Is and What It Isn't - Waiting to be loved doesn't work; actually
lovingness is job #1 in your relationship.
Being Romantic As A Way Of Being
Making Love 

The Keys

The No Fault, No Blame, No Criticism Viewpoint - You can't be truly loving to others, or yourself, until you understand and live the healthy side of this viewpoint. Vital, freeing.
What Is A Lovable Person?

What Is A "Lovable" Person? - What do you need to do to be lovable?


Lovers - Being Lovers And Not Just Buddies Or How Would You Treat A Lover? - What to do and
not to do to treat your lover right? 

The Loving Woman!

Loving Woman - The Truly Loving Woman - What is true of the truly loving woman and what kind of results does she produce?
LOVING WOMAN - THE TRULY LOVING WOMAN - BY HER! - Written by a woman who is truly loving.  Wonderfully inspiring in just a few words.
      A Truly Loving, Aware Woman      

What Is Intimacy?

INTIMACY CIRCLE, The - What is it and what should I do about it?  Do you stay on the fringes of the circle or do you go deeply within it for the greatest satisfaction?


The Love Languages For Each Person - Use these and your partner will feel loved.  Don't use them and you're likely to have a dissatisfied partner.  Communicate these so your partner will know how to communicate love to you and what is truly meaningful to each of you.
    What Makes Me Feel Loved - It is vital that
    you know what this is AND that you let your
    partner know so that he/she knows what to
    do that makes you feel loved!   Also, get
    this from your partner so that you can love
    your partner in meaningful ways.
(F)  Lovingness - What It Is and What It Isn't  - It's vital to get this right!
Caring Behaviors List - Ideas For - Look at this list to stimulate ideas for what your partner could do that would let you know he/she cares.  See What Makes Me Feel Loved, below.  
     How To Treat A Lover - We can forget
     how to treat the one we love.  It is vital that
     you follow this, if you want a relationship
     you feel good about and where you feel
     good about what you are doing.
     Appreciating Your Partner - A vital exercise
     where you list what you appreciate in the
     other partner, transferring it to a letter of
     appreciation, to put something back in the
     emotional tank; presencing the essence of
     love.  A list of possibilities is also provided
     to spur your thinking.
Exercise  What I Appreciate About My Partner - An exercise to give you a perspective that will help you focus on and see the good things in your partner and the benefits you are getting from the relationship, to balance off the negatives you may be thinking of.
Acceptance, Absolute - A Letter To My Partner - Saying I absolutely love you, accept you, hold no resentments, and esteem you...
(F)  What Makes Me Feel Loved - Fill this in for your partner and/or have your partner fill this in.


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