Check off mastery in each one of these, for there is no other path to true happiness.  First, master the high priority items to attain the high payoff.  Also, I recommend that you go further, by rating yourself in each of these with a grade from A to F, and then fixing those that need to be fixed, concentrating particularly on the highest effect ones.


The Highest Components

Highest     __ Feeling good about oneself 
Highest     __ Confidence that one will produce happiness regardless of circumstances
Highest     __ Feeling good about life and the world (overall)

The Basic Creators

High  __ Gratitude - This is a viewpoint, of seeing and loving what is - very practical.
High  __ Using your ‘signature’  strengths and virtues (gratification vs. pleasure)
High  __ Consistently exercising kindness and generous actions
High  __ Good memories, accessing them regularly
Medium    __ Hope (as part of a study on religion); __ confidence in abilities to produce 
                  results regardless of the circumstances beats this, as it is really a view that
                  the future and life will work out; hope is a passive form of this and a    
                  dependent form
                  - depending on something else to happen, rather than realizing bad
                    outcomes will happen and we cannot stay in the position of being a victim
                    of it.
Minor      __ Marriage
Minor__ Rich social life
Minor__ Social intelligence, by itself (however, it is useful in other ways)

Slight or no effect:  Education, climate, race, gender

FACILITATORS - While these produce some feeling of happiness, their big contribution is in facilitating what creates happiness and eliminating what producers unhappiness, two sides to the same coin. 

Highest   __ Learning how life works and how to work it, how to "master life"
High __ Personal and social intelligence (knowledge of self and of others)
High __ Developing optimism style and positive viewpoint
High __ Learning thought control and creating thoughts anew
High       __ Physical well-being and good energy
Medium   __ Avoiding negative events and negative emotions


High      __ Unrealistic expectations (too much, "more", "better", "perfect", "flawless"...)
High      __ Fault, blame, criticism, right/wrong viewpoint
High      __ Need for approval (to validate, prove worthy, etc.) - 'Tis an unreliable source
High      __ Compare self to others 
High      __ Dependence on outcomes, circumstance, other people to create happiness
                 __ Unrealistic view of personal power, capabilities - a view of dependency
                 __ Feeling helpless, powerless, or low power over life
High      __ Bad marriage, poor selection of spouse
High      __ Bad selection of job/career/avocation (and poor skills to have the right job,
                financial and personal psychological effects)

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