Miss one of these and you'll be cheating yourself!.  It is vital you become a Master Of Self Esteem.
Instead of using this just as a checklist you might want to just enter how you are doing on each, from 1-10 - and then decide what is acceptable (hint: no less than a 9).

__ Know your self-esteem level (Barksdale Self-Esteem Evaluation)
   __ Mastery level of self esteem:  ___ (Rate on a 1 to 10 level, 10 being a true master.. 
       (Don't stop until you have good, solid self esteem.)
__ Establish relative position of where you are and the idea of where you should be

__ Eliminate false beliefs (must be done 1st, or you'll not know you can succeed)
   __ Am I Capable Of Creating A Great Life? (and answer Do I Have Enough Time?)
   __ Develop True, Straight Thinking
   __ Why There Is No Fault - You must master this!
   __ Eliminate "punish to motivate" concept
   __ Correct completely the two Core Belief Statements.
       __ Correct all the "causal beliefs" for low self-esteem (listed in Contents/Links Self-Esteem)
__ Know Who I Really Am - So you can stop defending what isn't you and the related fears.

__ Balance your perspective with awareness of "positives" and "things you can rely on"
   __ Write out Positives Portfolio
   __ Know What I Have For Sure Versus Losses - Increases perspective, reduces fear...
   __ Create "certainty"
       __ Values specified clearly
       __ Rules and guidelines written out, commitment to follow them
       __ Standards to live my life by
   __ No "unreasonable expectations" - Delete the Unhappiness Gap.
__ Build based on buildables not to get approval
   __ Build the skills that accumulate and you can be sure of 
   __ Self-Sufficiency built, i.e. no dependency
__ Decide that you are 100% responsible in the matter of your life.
   __ Acknowledge where you are on The Victim Versus Cause Scale - and decide...
__ Follow the practice of appropriate clean, pure languaging
   __ Never just speak a negative
   __ Never repeat a story ever again about why you are the way you are or where you are.
__ Good health habits (Physical Well-Being Checklist)
    Affects energy, rate energy (1-10):  __
    Affects feeling of well-being, rate (1-10): __
    Affects ability to think (Care Of Your Frontal Lobes), rate (1-10): __
__ Do what is on The Healthy Living Master Checklist, rate (1-10): __ 
__ I have 10 clear, true self-esteem affirmative statements written, practiced and memorized.
   __ Say to self "I like myself", 3 times (ala Brian Tracy - & Video (1:44))
__ I have stopped all the Eighteen Ways Of Perpetuating Low Self-Esteem and am practicing
   the good opposites.
__ I have finished this area off, realizing I cannot leave it partially done, as this area is so vital
   to my living a good, happy life.

Main best sources to study:  __ I have studied and mastered these.

__ Barksdale Self Esteem Materials - On this site, read first:  Barksdale Building Self-Esteem (all the 5 parts).
__ Self-Esteem, A Proven Program Of Cognitive Techniques For Assessing, Improving, and Maintaining Your Self-Esteem, McKay and Fanning - The best of the non-Barksdale approaches.  If you do what it says in the book, you'll raise your self-esteem considerably.  A good supplement to Barksdale.